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Where is my replica watches? Why have I not received my credit card refund for $13.00? I have sent emails from my address from my iphone all ignored. Now I am responding yet again via AOL on my laptop. The replica watches sale description is correct white face, roman numerals stainless steel with stainless jubilee bracelet replica watch Datejust 11. If I do not get a response within two days with a clear indication of when I get my replica watches I shall request then my card provider refunds my card because of my ignored emails I am beginning to loose faith in this whole process. I have manged to get my AOL account back on line. Someone hacked into it and sent spam mail so please be aware. I still have not received my replica watches sale or had notificatiion from your payment agency about my credit. You told me the replica watch had been sent and you were going to track the replica watches sale , that was four days ago, and here we are again no email either to the amended address I gave you which was rjenni1071richard, or this address. Do you think you are treating me fairly.

I have had enough of this nonsense you ignored three emails from various adresses you said the replica watches sale had been depatched and you were going to track the replica watches sale that was days ago, and yet again no response who is shipping it? If I was not in why did they not leave a note asking me to contqact them. I am contacting your card provider and my bank to tell them that I believe you are a fraudelent company and requesting reparation. I am sorry it has come to this but your service is abysmal where is your contact landline number, where is your registered business address? In conclusion I told you that this email address had been compromised but that is now resolved and gave you two other addresses for contact in the interim, and no mail has been received on those either. I will keep sending emails until I get my replica watch sale or my money back. I have complained to Guadoilge who are apparantly contacting you. Why no response about the tracking and delivery it is now the 23rd of June and you emailed on the 15th what kind of business are you running there? Who is despatching the replica watch? Assuming you have sent the replica watch sale in the first place and are not fobbing me off. Yesterday you emailed me and agreed to free shipping, can you still offer and I only want to buy one the replica watch diamond bezel full rose gold, lady size. 62381 and would like to pay with PayPal, if you agree please produce an official PayPal invoice for $72.41, you can send me a invoice. This is very confusing as you have several websites In different names. I think I am not going to pay $72 for model. 62381 as other sites are selling less price and I have emailed you several times for $50 free shipping and you did not reply as a courtesy so unless you can offer this price I think I withdraw my offer to buy.